Reference Re Assisted Human Reproduction Act

Location: Bennett Lecture Hall, Flavelle House, Faculty of Law, University of Toronto

Implications of the Supreme Court’s Decision


November 4-5, 2011

Bennett Lecture Hall
Faculty of Law
University of Toronto 
78 Queen’s Park Cres, Toronto, ON

The Supreme Court of Canada released its decision in the Reference re. the Assisted Human Reproduction Act this past spring, striking down some sections and leaving others intact on constitutional grounds. What does this mean for future practice and regulation in this area? What are the regulatory implications for other areas of law that have federal and provincial impacts? What does this mean for reproductive and privacy rights in Canada? How can Canada regulate this area in the global picture?

Keynote presentations to include a dialogue between Preston Manning and Carolyn Bennett, moderated by Steve Paikin, anchor and senior editor, The Agenda with Steve Paikin, and viewing of the CBC documentary, Offspring, with producer Barry Stevens.

Speakers include Peter Hogg, Bernard Dickens, Colleen Flood, Marilyn Pilkington, Carol Rogerson, Trudo Lemmens, Joseph Arvay, Dr. Clifford Librach, Ian Lee, Marie-Claude Premont, Glenn Rivard, Francoise Baylis and Karen Busby, among others.

Topics covered will include: 
    General overview of the case 
    Quebec’s arguments for the challenge 
    Use of the criminal law power 
    International perspectives
    Moral dimensions of AHR; why is AHR practice different from general medical practice 
    AHRA and reproductive rights; rights of children 
    Implications for the current federal regulatory state 
    Current legal landscape and it practical implications for lawyers, medical practitioners and families.


Registration Fee: $200.00 (reduced rates for students, government and NGOs -click on REGISTRATION below for details).